Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Radio Killed the Video Star - Call

Laboratorio 060 is a collective based in Mexico City. As part of an exhibition of this group at the CUE Art Foundation in New York, the group is launching a worldwide call for entries for a musical composition that will be learned and performed by the three members of this collective on the day of the opening and later transmitted on the radio in New York.

The project Radio Killed the Video Star seeks to alter the homogeneous process by which entertainment is constructed and disseminated in our image-saturated media world. The ideal entries for collaboration should come from composers and musicians who may be interested in disseminating their work and in having their works interpreted by Laboratorio 060 –an artist collective without any professional musical experience— as part of this conceptual project.

Entries should have three instrumental parts (instrument or voice) which can be interpreted by three individuals, and have a duration of no longer than five minutes. The proposals will be evaluated and the final composition will be selected by the guest curator of the exhibition.

•Any sound artist and/or composer of any genre is eligible to apply.

•Special attention will be paid to those projects that take into consideration the specific context into which this performance will take place (an art space in Chelsea, and the radio)

•Each participant may submit up to 2 entries.

•Selection criteria will include: a) compositions with potential to infiltrate the radio in an effective and innovative way, b) works with an adequate balance between the three components, c) works with an experimental and playful character, even if they have political content; d) non-commercial works

•The selected composition will be performed at the CUE Art Foundation on March 13, 2008 by the members of Laboratorio 060.

Needs to be in NYC - 12/21/07

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