Monday, November 26, 2007

Honors College Course Proposals

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Proposals due 1/4

These seminars will be one-semester courses (typically three units) and will be designed to enable students and faculty to examine areas that are not usually part of regular departmental offerings. Seminars in the Honors College should provide a robust and collegial discussion environment that is intellectually demanding. These seminars should support increasingly independent learning as well as application of disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and methods to the larger academic, local, national, or global community.

The Honors College is especially interested in Lower level Honors seminars that allow for indepth study of fundamental issues, ideas, topics or problems. Emphasis for these seminars should be on developing and strengthening skills important to success in Honors and undergraduate education, including oral and written communication skills, reading skills, critical and creative thinking, civic engagement, etc. These seminars should satisfy a specific General Education requirement. The Honors College is also interested in reviewing proposals for Upper level Honors seminars that are designed to deepen knowledge about a particular intellectual issue and demonstrate the interconnectedness of academic disciplines. These seminars may incorporate moral or ethical thinking, problem-solving components, and independent writing projects as part of a culminating activity. These seminars should be designed to satisfy departmental requirements and will require approval from the home department.

Suggested honors components to coursework include the following:
􀂃 an emphasis on primary texts over secondary works
􀂃 a project that helps to broaden the disciplinary/interdisciplinary approach of the course
􀂃 student organized events outside the classroom that build on the course material and
enhance the educational experience for students in the class or other students on campus
􀂃 student participation in broader community or regional events related to course
􀂃 student research on pedagogical or research methods (suggesting or implementing some of these innovative approaches during the course of the semester)
􀂃 student taught sessions or portions of sessions more advanced disciplinary methods

This list is not comprehensive. To the contrary, the Honors Curriculum Committee welcomes other ideas and suggestions, as well as innovative approaches to pedagogy and course structure.

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