Friday, May 29, 2009

Conference - Teaching Citizenship & Civility

Due 9/15

nternational Conference/Teaching Citizenship and Civility Call for Papers

The Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum Announces the 11th International Conference on Ethics Across the Curriculum

Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, New York
November 12-15, 2009

The Society picks conference themes to encourage faculty from the relevant areas to submit papers, panels, or other standard forms of presentation, but submissions may speak to any issue regarding ethics across the curriculum. Questions about possible submissions should be sent to the directors at

Theme: Teaching Citizenship and Civility

It is a hallmark of civility within a society that those of opposing points of view can reasonably discuss their differences and find common ground amidst their disagreements.

Teaching students to become civil citizens and modeling a civil society within our classes are always pressing concerns. The concept of citizenship may encompass a wide variety of ethical actions (such as volunteerism or philanthropy) and political relations (such as nationalism or globalism). Teaching students to become civil citizens requires consideration of the content and practice of citizenship, in all its forms. Even in classes where the content is far removed from what seems relevant to a civic education, the way in which the class is taught -- how disagreements about answers are resolved -- can teach lessons essential to civility. Teaching civility, in all its forms, is an education across the curriculum. Although the theme of the conference highlights the content and practice of teaching civil citizens, submissions are not limited to the conference theme.

Submissions (either papers or abstracts) should be formatted for blind review and sent by September 15th 2009 to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Society, Donna Werner, or by hard copy to Dr. Donna Werner, Philosophy Department (HE 103), St. Louis Community College, Meramec, 11333 Big Bend Boulevard, St. Louis MO 63122-5799. Phone: 314.984.7934.

We will make decisions about papers as soon as we can after they arrive. So the sooner you submit your abstract or paper or panel suggestion, the sooner you will hear from us regarding its suitability for the conference.

The Society publishes Teaching Ethics, and papers for conferences may be considered for publication either in that journal or in a possible anthology on teaching citizenship and civility.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

WPA Call for Experimental Media - rec'd by 8/1

From: Adam Griffiths
Date: 2009 May 6 2:10:52 PM EDT (CA)
Subject: WPA Experimental Media Series 2009 Call for Entries

WPA Experimental Media Series 2009

September 24, October 1, 2009 @ The Phillips Collection
October 28 & 29, Falvey Hall, Maryland Institute College of Art
Juror: Kelly Gordon, Associate Curator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture

Submission Deadline (received): August 1, 2009

For the next installment of the WPA’s Experimental Media Series, WPA
will present a selection of innovative video and sound works over the
course of two evenings at The Phillips Collection in Washington DC,
and two additional screenings of selections from the Phillips event
combined with student works at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

For the screening, WPA is calling all video and sound artists to
submit works that explore any subject matter of their choice in
innovative ways. A selection of the received video and sound works
will be presented in the framework of a public screening. Artists
selected for the screening nights will be notified during the last
week of August. Additionally, two artists submitting the most
compelling entries, as reviewed by the juror and based on overall
quality and innovation will be awarded the Kraft Prize for New Media
of $750 and the WPA Experimental Media Prize of $750 on October 1.
Please note that the WPA Prize will go to an artist living and working
in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Artists may submit up to 3 pieces in either sound or video with a
maximum run time of 3 minutes. Please remind artists to review the
guidelines closely in order to adhere to these basic requirements.

Link to WPA EMS 2009 Entry webpage:

Download Call for Entries:

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