Sunday, November 25, 2007

Photo Competition - Altered Landscape

The Altered Landscape Photography Competition
Newspace Center for Photography
(Portland OR)

Newspace Center for Photography invites you to Submit your images that you feel depict an "altered landscape." From simple and subtle ways like gardens, power lines and billboards to the more obvious like bridges, power plants and factories the impact of humankind is almost everywhere we turn.

The competition is open to photographers using any type of photographic process, color or black & white, traditional or computer generated/manipulated images. There are no restrictions on the date of the image(s).

Entries should illustrate or explore the theme described. Newspace encourages individual artistic interpretation of its theme. We believe this will make for more diverse and therefore more interesting exhibitions. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The entry fee is $5 per image, you may enter as many images as you like. Fill out the entry form and submit it with your images via email or physical mail with images on a cd. Entry materials will not be returned.

The entry deadline is Friday, December 28th, The exhibition will take place at the Center from February 8th through 27th, with an opening reception Friday, February 8th 7-10pm.

Visit our website for full prospectus.

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