Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ITROW Faculty Mini-grant

  • New course development within the faculty’s department/discipline which will produce a course to be cross-listed (counted toward) the Women’s Studies major. Substantial restructuring/transformation of a current course with the goal of integrating women/gender topics throughout the syllabus will also be considered. Faculty receiving course development awards will consult with the Director of ITROW in the development or restructuring of a course and will be expected to offer the new or transformed course within a year of having received the grant.

  • Scholarship focused on women/gender issues, or scholarship which contains a significant women/gender component. Faculty receiving awards for scholarship will be required to present their research/artistic creation in ITROW’s Women and Gender Faculty Colloquy series. Travel funds for presentation of such scholarship at conferences will also be considered.

  • Campus-wide or departmental events focused on women/gender issues such as speakers, film series, and conferences.

Early Feb. for COFAC.

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