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The National University of Lanús - UNLa (Argentina) presents the 9th Edition of the International Acousmatic and Multimedia Festival “Sonoimágenes” that will take place in September 2th – 4th 2009.

“Sonoimágenes” offers a showcase of outstanding works in the acousmatic, mixed-interactive live electronics and audiovisual composition fields. All the activities will take place at the UNLa Campus placed in 29 de Septiembre Street Nr. 3901, Remedios de Escalada - Lanús, Provincia de Buenos Aires

“Sonoimágenes” calls for works to be considered for the 2009 edition, that should fit into one of the
following Categories:
a. Acousmatic works: sound art compositions for recorded media alone, for two, four, eight or 5.1 channels.
(Check the details of accepted supports in the section “Elements to be included”)
b. Audiovisual compositions: audiovisual works on media where sound and image narratives should have equal relevance or importance (Check the details of accepted supports in the section “Elements to be included”)
c. Live Performances involving technology: such as mixed works with acoustic instrument(s) or electroacoustic devices and recorded media, interactive mixed works, real time processing or live electronics, live electroacoustic improvisation, or any of those plus video, in all cases with a maximum of two performers. (Check the details of accepted supports in the section “Elements to be included”)

All works must have a duration between four [4] minutes (minimum) and twelve [12]
minutes (maximum) and must have been created after January 2003.

Composers and realizers may submit only one work in only one Category. Therefore the submission implies also a Category option. All the selected works will be featured in the Audiovisual Concerts during the Festival.

Available technology for the Audiovisual Concerts, provided by the Festival:
For the Audiovisual Concerts, the Festival will provide the following technology:
Eight loudspeakers system with an eight sends console which can be configured as eight discrete channels or 5.1 channels.

A PC computer for multichannel sessions, with an eight channel sound card.
Audio-CD, 44.1 KHz 16 bit DVD Player

Deadline for submissions:
All works must be sent by mail, post marked before April 30st 2009. All submissions must be sent to:
Universidad Nacional de Lanús
Departamento de Humanidades y Artes
29 de Septiembre 3901 (B1826GLC)
Remedios de Escalada – Prov. de Buenos Aires

See more info on their webpage

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