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Organised Sound Journal Call - 6/15

Organised Sound
An International Journal of Music and Technology

Call for submissions

Volume 15, Number 1

Issue thematic title: The Sonic Image

Date of Publication: December 2009
Publishers: Cambridge University Press

Issue co-ordinator: Simon Atkinson (

What is the ‘image of sound’? How can the ‘sonic image’ be described and studied? This issue aims to explore the significance of the term for electroacoustic musics, as theoretical concept and phenomenon of experience. Although ideas of musical and sonic imagery appear (explicitly or implicitly) with some frequency within some musicians’ descriptions and discussions of their work, as well as within some music theoretical discourse, there has been little systematic elaboration of its nature or implications. In the context of long-standing more general debates regarding the nature of mental imagery, music, and more broadly, sound, have been significantly underrepresented.

Questions of relevance include:

* Can the ‘sonic image’ act as a focus for future interdisciplinary research that might build bridges between the cognitive and the cultural regarding our experience of sound?

* Does the term suggest approaches that might usefully locate musical practice with technology within broader experience, including media contexts where sound is recorded and reproduced?

* In what ways might ‘sonic imagery’ reveal more about mental and cultural processes involved in listening and the formation of sense and meaning in contemporary musics?

* Although musicians freely talk of the ‘musical imagination’, can this really exist independently of other modes? If not, what might this reveal to us regarding the fundamental nature of musical listening?

Alternatively, some might argue that it is a ‘wrong concept’, something too dependent on thinking not concerned with the specifics of musical or aural experience, and tied up with excessive baggage of previous philosophical and cognitive discourse.

This issue of Organised Sound is intended as a catalyst for discussion, founded on the premise that the practices of electroacoustic music over recent decades may suggest important questions in this direction, as well as that its elaboration will require fundamentally interdisciplinary approaches. Papers are sought that deal with specific musical practices, genres or listening situations (e.g. acousmatic), that are based upon analyses of specific works or approaches, or that consider existing theoretical studies through the lens of this concept/phenomenon. Within the broad terrain of electroacoustic music studies, arguments might draw upon the perspectives of fields such as Music Perception, Music Psychology, Music Cognition, Neuroscience, Semiotics, Semantics, Phenomenology, Ecologically-informed theory, Aesthetics, Media and Cultural Studies, or the examination of the ontological status of sound recording and reproduction within electroacoustic music practices.

As always, submissions related to the theme are encouraged; however, those that fall outside the scope of this theme are always welcome.

Deadline for submissions is 15 June 2009. Submissions may consist of papers, with optional supporting short compositions or excerpts, audio-visual documentation of performances and/or other aspects related to your submission that can be placed onto a DVD and the CUP website for “Organised Sound”. Supporting audio and audio-visual material will be presented as part of the journal's annual DVD-ROM which will appear with issue 15/3 as well on the journal’s website.




Notes for Contributors and further details can be obtained from the inside back cover of published issues of Organised Sound or at the following url: (and download the pdf)

Properly formatted email submissions and general queries should be sent to: (not to the guest editor)

Hard copy of articles and images (only when requested) and other material (e.g., sound and audio-visual files, etc. – normally max. 15’ sound files or 8’ movie files) should be submitted to:

Prof. Leigh Landy
Organised Sound
Clephan Building
De Montfort University
Leicester, LE1 9BH

Editor: Leigh Landy

Associate Editors: Ross Kirk and Richard Orton

Regional Editors: Joel Chadabe, Kenneth Fields, Eduardo Miranda, Jøran Rudi, Barry Truax, Ian Whalley, David Worrall

International Editorial Board: Marc Battier, Hannah Bosma, Alessandro Cipriani, Simon Emmerson, Rajmil Fischman, David Howard, Rosemary Mountain, Tony Myatt, Jean-Claude Risset, Francis Rumsey, Margaret Schedel, Mary Simoni

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