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Call for Papers - Sound & Music Computing Conference


5th Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC08)
Berlin, Germany, July 31th - August 3rd 2008

Audio Communication Group

Space in Sound – Sound in Space

Call for papers


Sound and Music Computing (SMC) is supervised jointly by AFIM
(Association Française d'Informatique Musicale), AIMI (Associazione
Italiana di Informatica Musicale), DEGEM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Elektroakustische Musik), and HACI (Hellenic Association of Music

It aims at promoting exchanges between European countries around
topics related to sound and music computing, and to give them an
international dimension.

The Fifth SMC 08, will be organised by the German Association of
Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM) in collaboration with the Department of
Audio Communication, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. The
conference will take place at Technische Universität Berlin, 31
July-3. August 2008.

Every era develops its specific, culturally defined awareness of
space as well as forms of its aesthetic reification. In music, we can
trace a development from an architectural place of sound to the
symbolical space of formal and structural projections and finally to
the imaginitiv, musically immanent space of compositional fantasy.
From thereon the actual space can be functionalised musically as one
possibility, it can, however, also be opened to and expanded by
technical spaces.
These, as digital simulations, enable both universal manipulation
and boundless scaling.

Thus, the conception of an "acoustic cyberspace" (Harenberg, 2003)
which is technically primarily
conveyed by time modes becomes constitutive for new aesthetical
conceptions of form as well as for the generation and manipultion of

The historical circle is opening nowadays, as the early form and thus
structure giving functions of space of the Renaissance as technical
and structural augmentations of compositional and formal principles
are finding a new "language of sound and form" through the acoustic
"Pearly Gates of Cyberspace" (Wertheim, 2000), which technological
fundamentals, backgrounds, fantasies and current applications the
SMC wants to fathom and investigate.

The Department of Audio Communication at the Technische Universität
Berlin, Germany, has at its disposal the worldwide biggest
permanently installed wave field synthesis system in its 700 seats
lecture hall.
During the 5th SMC „Space in Sound – Sound in Space“ works for this
system will be performed.
Moreover, this system will be augmented by the nearly 50 channel
Sound Dome of the ZKM Karlsruhe, the GRM Paris Acousmonium as well as
the from inside accessible Sound Globe of the HfG Karlsruhe which is
made of more than 50 speakers.

The submitted papers should deal with all aspects of spatial sound.
Historical, aesthetic, general, technical as well as system specific
aspects of spatial sound systems may be discussed. The length of an
individual lecture is 30 minutes.

Topics and abstracts of 200-300 characters have to be submitted by
May 1st 2008.

The final lectures have to be submitted by June 15th 2008 in order to
compile the proceedings. The maximal length is 12 pages.

All submitted papers are subject to an examination of a jury. The
jury may decide to not admit a submission as a lecture at the SMC08
yet still to publish it in the proceedings.

You may upload your abstracts as well as your papers directly onto
the server of the Technische Universität. For all information
necessary please go to http://www2.ak.tu-berlin.de/~smc08/

If you want to submitt your work by post please sent it to:

SMC 08 - Papers
TU Berlin
Audio Communication Group
Sekr. EN-8
Einsteinufer 17c
10587 Berlin

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