Friday, March 21, 2008

Art of Record Production - Call for Papers

Call For Articles for the Journal on the Art of Record Production
Issue 3: Editor - Simon Zagorski-Thomas
Deadline: 30th May 2008


• Business Models and The Production Process
This would involve articles on issues such how changing production
techniques on the question of authorship, copyright and even the
ontology of music. It could also include articles on how artists and
producers are developing new business models in the face of the rapidly
changing industry.

• Recording and Mix Techniques
This would involve articles on the various ways that producers and
engineers shape the sound of a recording through the use of microphone
selection and placement, the use of room ambience, equalisation, dynamic
processing, effects, editing techniques, stereo or surround mixing
techniques etc. They might describe techniques used / developed / made
famous by particular individuals or more general treatises on common
practice, the psychoacoustics of particular techniques etc.

Please submit completed pieces for peer review:
Full article: 5 – 7,000 words
Position paper: 3 – 5,000 words
Provocations: up to 1,000 words (pieces by industry professionals
or academics designed to stimulate debate)

Please send submissions to:

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