Sunday, April 12, 2009

Astrodime Intransit - FEED call

Every day we are becoming more dependent on information: When we cannot access our e-mail, or forget our mobile, we often go into withdrawal. We have become part of the Network. Increasingly this connection is literal: an implanted pacemaker is tested and reset using tones over a phone line held near the chest. Science and Medicine announce such cybernetic innovation daily. We have been assimilated.

FEED explores the concepts of Network as influenced by Information Transmission, Sustenance, Consumption, Symbiosis. FEED questions the borders that separate human and machine, organic and inorganic. The project seeks to examine our societal hunger for constant information flow. FEED seeks to remind us that we too have become part of the information network: we feed it, as it feeds us.

Astrodime Transit Authority is collaborating with the FEED Exhibitio. INtransit Volume Number 5 will comprise part of the video submissions to the FEED exhibition happening in Boston in Fall 2009. INtransit: FEED will be screened in its entirety at the exhibition, as well as at other venues.

We are looking for short experimental films (35mm / 16mm / 8mm), videos (single channel experimental, videoart, or documentary), innovative animations, and experimental digital & graphic productions (to be screened). Accepted submissions will be published in a DVD video journal. Pieces under ten minutes are preferred. There is no entry fee. Preview discs will not be returned unless a SASE with sufficient postage is enclosed. Please label all materials.

Please send preview NTSC DVD submissions to:

Astrodime Transit Authority (INtranit FEED)
c/o 119 Gallery
119 Chelmsford Street
Lowell, MA 01851

Submission Due Date: June 1, 2009

Contact Information:
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