Thursday, November 27, 2008

For the masses...

I created this blog for me, and it probably is just me that looks at it. But if you do find any calls for entry for audio or sound or service learning that aren't on here - please let me know - either through email or through a comment or something.

Or if you want to collaborate on a project with sound - let me know. And yes, I do realize I'm probably just talking to myself....


Eric Hedekar said...

You're not talking to yourself; I'm quietly sifting through your blog and reposting some calls to the SFU Music Student Union webpage's calls listing
(it's RSS fed, so you can easily keep up)

I do this for a few different rss sites like yours, so there's bound to be a few you haven't posted here.

Thanks for all the useful calls.

Jeremy Bible said...

I'm listening.

Isaac said...

Just stumbled upon your blog looking for an article from an issue of the Organized Sound Journal. if you aren't already familiar with Frauke Behrendt's 'Mobile Sound' site, you may want to check it out if you have time ( She posts a lot of Calls for sound related/mobile technology work and is currently staying at RISD, so the things she points towards are increasingly in this country, it seems.

anyhow, you're never just speaking to 'yourself'! if you have any interest, I always enjoy comments over at my site ( as well.