Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Champ Libre - Call


The MANIFESTATION INTERNATIONALE of Champ Libre is a biennale event. Its eighth edition will take place in September 2008. The Manifestation will develop a reflection on the theme of the FORET. The proposed theme is an invitation to the personal interpretation of creators.

Champ Libre, while creating a biennale entitled Manifestation Internationale, gave itself the double mandate to shed the knowledge of and to contribute to the development of media arts and architecture. Thus, Champ Libre increases the visibility of these fields in the public space. It is through a nomadic process that Champ Libre invests and diverts urban spaces already occupied by other uses. Every edition of this biennale event proposes a program composed of installations, within which cohabitate several modes of expression associated with new media arts and architecture. Champ Libre wants thus to sensitize the public to and develop a critical thought facing these disciplines. Often inaccessible places are invested during the events and a staging integrates the works presented to the architectural site as a whole. The Manifestation offers its artistic programming to a constantly renewed public, comprising the users of the invested site and takes advantage of social interactions that exist around these places.

The present call has for objective at once to constitute the programming of FORÊT/FOREST: 8th manifestation internationale of champ libre and to gather collaborators and partners that will allow the optimum realization of the event, and its success.

The projects in demand will have to spatially explore the perception of the invested site and invite the public to transform and manipulate this latter.

The partners in demand will have to enrich the programming while contributing to the optimal realization and to the critical positionning of each work, as well as to the optimal achievement of the goals of the event.


Champ Libre is looking for installations allying art and architecture and occupying the public space, while using new media components, works that explore the architecture of the site occupied in its spatiality and transform the visual or sound perception of this latter.

Champ Libre is looking for interventions of art and of microarchitecture that occupy the contemporary public space and question it in terms of programming, that offer an appropriation of the site by the mutation of one of the aspects of the latter.
Champ Libre is looking for interventions of art and of architecture that transform the experience, the comprehension or the perception of the site of the event for the spectator, and that include the participation of the latter to the existence of a site and to a ritual that renders exceptional and makes this space evolve through time.

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March 1, 2008

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